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Welcome to the new Scooped! website .. we are adding new spoof newspaper front pages every day so please visit again
Don't have what you're looking for? Email us and we will design a spoof newspaper or fake celebrity magazine especially for you

Driving Test Gifts Articles

THEY have passed their driving test now make it front page news with their very own spoof newspaper front page.
A personalised newspaper front page gift is the perfect personalised 'Passed your driving test' card.
Instead of the usual boring greeting card give the new driver something different to celebrate binning the L-plates - a joke newspaper front page is the perfect personalised gift.
All our personalised newspaper gifts are written and designed by real journalists.
Order a spoof Sun front page for that special driving test present.
Or make the new driver's day with a fake News of the World front page gift.
Do they read the Daily Mail? Then put them on the front page of a personalised Daily Mail.
Joke Evening Times and personalised Evening News front pages are also available.
You can design your very own spoof newspaper in just 60 seconds

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